Legoland on a Budget, Day #3

photo of the exterior of the Legoland hotel

Day 3 of Legoland on a Budget brought us to the Legoland Hotel and they girls were beyond excited. Even though they had a lot of fun hanging out all day at the park for the previous two days, they were anxiously awaiting the move to the Legoland hotel the whole time. And it was well worth the wait. It’s such a cool experience for the kids and, surprisingly, there are lots of ways for parents to chill out and relax while the kids have fun.

man sitting on a sofa in a hotel lounge area

The highlight of Day 3 for my husband and I was finally being able to enjoy going on roller-coasters with the girls. In the past, they were always too scared to go, so other than playing interactive games and visiting the aquarium or the waterpark area, we had to squeeze ourselves into rides that were too small for grownups (I wince every time I see the pictures of myself sandwiched between a bunch of toddlers on the Beetle Bounce ride).

man and his daughter sitting in the seats of a rollercoaster ride about to start

Anyhoo…for less embarrassing photographic memories than rides that are a a bit of a tight squeeze for grownups, here’s a recap of Day 3:

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