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Biz Mommy is the busy parent’s guide to family-friendly events, travel, products, entertainment and recreation in the Los Angeles area and beyond. It is written and edited by Tisha Berg, who, in addition to being a mom, wife, blogger and web copywriter, is also a certified hypnotherapist and hospital volunteer. Passionate about helping others and being of service in her community, Tisha’s down-to-earth, upbeat demeanor shines through in her blog posts, videos and in her ability to connect on an honest level with her social media fan base.

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Statistics & Influence

Facebook Fans: 3,650
Twitter Followers: 5,440
Instagram Followers: 1,066
Google+ Followers: 857
Google+ PageViews: 17,940
YouTube Subscribers: 338
Newsletter Subscribers: 281
Monthly Page Views: 3,286
Unique Monthly Visits (Sessions): 484
Bounce Rate: 23.76%
(current as of September 2015, via Google Analytics)

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Combined Social Media Following, Pageviews and Monthly Visitor Reach:
over 33,212 women, moms and dads. 

Biz Mommy is most popular with English-speaking women and men readers between the ages of 35 and 55. 57.7% of the site’s traffic is from the United States.

Advertisers love working with Tisha Berg because of her conversational writing style, professional attitude, flexibility and willingness to try new things. She maintains excellent relationships with many PR firms and has written posts on a wide variety of subjects. Here are links to a few of Biz Mommy’s recent promotional partnerships:

Activity ReviewRipley’s Believe it or Not Museum in Hollywood: The Weirdness Does Not Disappoint

Giveaway: Journey into Space 3D Film & Exhibit @ California Science Center: Win FREE Tickets!

Charitable Cause: “Save the Children’s” Emergency Contact Card

Movie ReviewThe Goosebumps Movie: Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Alexia Foundation on Twitter @Biz_Mommy We agree with @timmatsui. Thank you for taking such time and giving such heart to your viewing of @TLNmovie


Tisha was one of the few select bloggers chosen to represent the CBS network’s hit show The Talk on social media during its 2012-2013 season. She also participated and appeared on-camera, along with the show’s cast, in their much-publicized “no make-up” episode.


Julie Chen on Twitter Thanks to @Biz_Mommy for tweeting the Talk today!! We all hope you had a great time! (2)

As a Los Angeles mom blogger, she is also regularly invited to cover celebrity events, as well as red-carpet movie premieres:


Additionally, her take on balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship is featured in Maria T. Bailey’s best-selling book Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice.


Biz Mommy was chosen as one of the top blogs for work-from-home moms by the MBA Warrior blog in 2010 and Tisha was named as one of the best minds in the blogosphere in 2011 by the Possibility of Today, a popular and widely read inspirational blog. Tisha’s own inspirational blog, What Matters Right Now, was chosen as Blog of the Week in 2011 by Social Moms, the influential moms network.


Also in 2011, Tisha was selected to participate in Ann Imig’s highly popular touring stage show, Listen to Your Mother, for which she wrote a short essay on the challenges of juggling motherhood with everything else. That same year, she was a featured blogger participating in Johnson & Johnson’s “Using Social Media for Social Good” campaign at the renowned blogging conference Blogher.

DianaBaur on Twitter @TheSalesLion @michellefabio @TishaBerg @ginidietrich @TaraAgacayak ---excellence in #socialmedia expertise

Tisha’s influence with women and moms extends far beyond her own blog, as she is currently a regular contributor to the Working Mother Magazine mom blog (2.2 million readers), (13 million members), Kids in the House (1/2 million readers) and Mom Bloggers for Social Good.


Biz Mommy would love to partner with your family-friendly business or non-profit organization – we’re always happy to discuss ways in which we can help spread the word about awesome products, events and services. For inquiries contact or visit our advertising page to view our list of basic listing options.


Although not a giveaway blog, Biz Mommy does occasionally participate in consumer giveaway campaigns.

Giveaways are a terrific way to generate quick buzz about your business, especially if you’re introducing a new product or service. Plus, customers love them and they’re fun!

The client is responsible for mailing the giveaway item to the winner. Typically, giveaway entries are given in exchange for Facebook “likes”, tweets about the product or service and blog post comments, but the client is free to choose the terms of the giveaway. To inquire about pricing or to schedule a giveaway campaign contact

Some of My Previous Advertisers and Giveaway Sponsors


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